First Post – What to write


Hey everyone,

Now it is a reasonable time – and not 1 in the morning – I thought I would give this a good go, I have some time now so lets see where this post takes me.

I thought it would be a good idea to give people an idea of things I will probably write about and I will get around to putting everything in its place but its like moving into a new home you need to get settled and get the essentials done first. ok so topics would be good but to tell the truth I never know what im going to write about, it might be part of a story or just a prologue I think up for a book, it could be a review – or at least my opinion – of a book I like and there are more than a few – I can blame my sister for that though, we have so similar tastes that we often swap books and there are so many we have to borrow from each other that im sure I will have enough to read till im well into my late 50’s. anyway I digress and I do randomly go off on tangents so just try to stick with me here 🙂 I might put some of my photography work up here as well and say a bit about it, maybe something about my law course.

I will definitely write about music I like and different bands and I will try to put links so you can find out more about them if you wish. taking my cue from my brother-in-law I also might give you some links to free open source software that can be really useful. oh yea and on the music part ill also add my Spotify playlist link as well so you can always get an idea of music I like. As I said I could end up writing about almost anything hell if I see an oddly shaped cloud I might mention it, although I will try not to give daily reports of my life because I think that can get boring but if something funny happens you’re gonna know about it.

So what else is there that I have left out …… oh yes, I might do some film reviews on films that are fab some will be well-known but it might not be something you’ve seen and if you like the sound of it and you do like it then I will have been glad to write about it. ok now what have I left out – wow I must have a terrible memory because how could I possibly forget tv series that are fab, I will bore you all senseless with how amazing some series are.

I hope you not finding it too hard to follow this, I know it’s a bit haphazard and all over the place but I don’t go back and put things I forgot in the “right” place to make it look perfect because I think it looks more natural no-one get things right first time – I mean you don’t go back when you have finished a conversation and say oh this bit was meant to be mentioned second and I think it’s better to talk to you all – if anyones reading this – like normal because if this was perfect it would not reflect me at all. oh but for getting things right first time – another tangent you’ll notice – I do have an “uncanny knack” – I think was the words my brother-in-law used – to go to my brother in law’s and find out that he is stuck on a game and much to his dismay I somehow get him past it as easy as blinking, sometimes all it takes is me being there and the part he’s been stuck on and ranting about for weeks will suddenly become insignificantly easy.

Ok 2 minute break for a drink and to check on the food cooking 🙂 – probably unnecessary to say but still.

Ok so its 2 mins later 🙂 that was fast wasnt it. I think ive covered mostly what my plans are now if there is anything else I think of I will amend this post and tag it on the end.

Right then if you did make it all the way through that ramble I congratulate and thank you for reading it, I hope it was kinda enjoyable to read, I enjoyed writing it and that’s what matters. if there’s anything you would like to say about it please do and comment and if you loved it that much feel free to follow me and if you didn’t like it well thanks for trying and thanks for stopping by my random ramblings.

Hugs and Pixie Dust


P.S. – I found this photo a while back and I thought it was fantastic, just a little silly thing to cheer up your day 🙂

Earthquake Gallery